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Chiropractic care often employs new, innovative therapies to treat pain and move the body into a greater state of wellness.  The full body vibration plate is one of the tools utilized by chiropractors to aid in strengthening the body, reducing back pain and improving health.  The key to this tool is its ability to activate the muscular-skeletal system and nervous system simultaneously.

How Does the Full Body Plate Work?

The full body vibration plate is an exciting new tool with many promising and exciting benefits. It allows the user to experience vertical vibration throughout the entire body. The plate is usually a simple platform.  Sometimes plates are designed with a rail to help patients maintain balance.  Patients begin by standing comfortably on top of the plate itself. The plate is powered on, sending vibration from the bottom of the feet up through the entire body.  Your chiropractor may recommend specific stretches, exercises or other therapeutic activities while standing on the plate. The full body vibration plate provides a vertical vibration to enhance your current chiropractic treatment.


Benefits of a vibe plate to general health

  • Strengthens bones and muscles – Any normal exercise routine causes the contraction and expansion of your muscles at a rate of about 2-3 times per second. A vibe plate has your muscles contracting and expanding at 20-30 times per second, and at a micro level where most exercise can’t simulate.

  • Release of two powerful hormones – Studies have shown that vibration stimulates the release of HGH (the hormone that makes your bones and muscles grow and become stronger) and serotonin, that feel-good, happy hormone.

  • Better metabolism – Use of a vibe plate consistently over time causes stronger muscles, better blood circulation and, as a result, an increased metabolism.

  • Better cardiovascular health – Vibing opens up blood vessels and increases blood flow, which leads to better oxygenation throughout the body and more elastic and strong vascular walls.

  • Joint pain relief – Increased blood flow sends oxygen and water to the joints, as well as helps to flush the toxins out of your joints. This is all good, but what you’ll notice is less pain.

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